Course Tour

Tony Chavez, PGA

  • Hole Number One:

    Wide fairway, elevated green. Plays a little longer than the yardage indicates.

  • Hole Number Two:

    Favor the right center. Keeps the green bunkers out of play.

  • Hole Number Three:

    If you can cut the corner, saves about twenty yards. Elevated green, use an extra club.

  • Hole Number Four:

    Medium sized green, but big bunkers. Avoid the sand at all cost.

  • Hole Number Five:

  • Hole Number Six:

    Water and bunkers abound. Green slopes back to front. Play your tee shot to land below the h

  • Hole Number Seven:

    Long drive needed. One Hundred and seventy five yards to clear the water, but the same distance to reach the bunker.

  • Hole Number Eight:

    Second shot, play to left center. Water hazard in play on the right. Beware of the trees on the left.

  • Hole Number Nine:

    Use a two hundred yard or less club. A driver brings the water into play on the left and the huge trees on the right. Right side of fairway is elevated so a drive down the right center will roll to the middle.

  • Hole Number Ten:

    A long drive and a good second shot will leave a short iron to the green. Best to approach from the right side of the fairway as it takes the mound out of play front side of the green. Beware of the water on your second shot.

  • Hole Number Eleven:

    Start of "amen corner". Hardest hole on the course. Aim toward the right center, but too far right and the trees block your next shot. A long iron or fairway wood will get you to the elevated green.

  • Hole Number Twelve:

    Long iron required, guarded by two bunkers. Aim toward the opening between the bunkers, or bail out to the right. Large, elevated green.

  • Hole Number Thirteen:

    Wide fairway, but guarded on the right by three bunkers. Avoid them with a shot left center. Long iron to green guarded by three bunkers. Narrow opening up the middle to tiered green which breaks toward the east.

  • Hole Number Fourteen:

    Narrow fairway guarded by trees on the left and sand on the right. A good drive will leave a short iron to a large green.

  • Hole Number Fifteen:

    Drive down the left center of the fairway avoiding the bunker. Short iron to the green guarded by two bunkers.

  • Hole Number Sixteen:

    Middle iron to large green guarded by a deep bunker which covers half of the fron of the green. Over club and you are in the back bunker.

  • Hole Number Seventeen:

    Narrow opening from the tee box. Trees on both sides. The Tamarisk trees are out-of-bounds. A long drive down the right center, the bunker comes into play. A draw is the best play, or use a fairway wood or iron and stay short of the fairway bunker.

  • Hole Number Eightteen:

    One of the better finishing hole in the desert. Place your tee shot dead center. Off to the right or left brings the water into play. A medium to long iron over the water is needed to reach the tiered green guarded by two bunkers. The first shot sets up the hole.